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The AFORTERA project (Articulation and strengthening of the economic network of the associative business community of the province of Elías Piña) aims to strengthen the economic, productive and entrepreneurial associative sectors  to contribute to the increase of income and improve employment opportunities as means to reduce poverty and social exclusion in the communities of the province of Elías Piña in the Dominican Republic.

It aims to modify economic and social relations by supporting and strengthening workers who have organized themselves in socio-productive entities (ERAS) to fight against the economic-productive exploitative relationships.

The direct beneficiaries of this project, that is, those who are part of the target public, are the partners and members of the Associative Rural Enterprises (ERAS). On this matter, the AFORTERA project directly benefits more than 2,000 people, of whom more than 1,400 are women. As for the people who will indirectly benefit from this project, those who will benefit in the long term due to the effect in the social or sector scope of the project are estimated to be more than 7,000.

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